Web TV is still after twenty years in an expansionary phase. The audience grows continually and new needs arise in companies and organizations to communicate quickly and efficiently with a growing number of viewers.

   For over twenty years, ungap founder has worked with tools for broadcast and streaming media. The company took its name in October 2009 when the founder, Anders Mårtén, decided to make a wholehearted commitment to smart software for web TV professionals. ungap was incorporated at the beginning of November 2010.

   ungap AB develops tools for the production of live web TV and mobile TV. The main product is CloudBox Presenter which is a software to produce live indexed web TV. 

November 2013
Latest release of CloudBox Presenter which now has Flash and HTML5 capabilities as a standard feature. 

October 2013
2:nd patent awarded. 

August 2013
Finishing the installation for Malmö stad which is the first installation where integration of a third party OVP (Brightcove) was made on an HTML5/Javascript level. 

August 2013
Swedish municipality Österåker kommun starts using an automated conference system with unmanned robot cameras. CloudBox Presenter is automatically managing the live streaming and ondemand publishing. This is a cooperation with Q Enter AB in Stockholm.

October 2013
1:st patent awarded.

May 2012
Riksbanken starts using CloudBox Presenter to webcast the quarterly repro rate reports. CloudBox Pointy is used to synchronize the PowerPoint-slides shown during the press conference.
2011, 2013, and 2013
Svenska kyrkan använder CloudBox Meeting för Kyrkomötet 2011

May 2010
The ungap iPhone web app was released.
The ungap iPhone web app was used to present the nircbreak shows during the Nordic Investor Relations Conference 2010.
nircbreak was produced by ZoomVision Mamato and hosted by Sabinje Von Gaffke.
The LIVE iPhone streaming was produced with ungap CloudBox.

February 2010
ungap launches first Swedish Cloud based iPhone HLS streaming using Amazon S3+Cloudfront as HLS distribution.

March 2010 
Mattias Gordon makes Sweden's first vignette film for iPhones.

“I try to encompass all that can be in an iPhone direct transmission. The focus is not on technology but on the metaphorical “waves on the water” that are spreading all over the world. These waves are building a framework from the thread of life that the Internet has become; filled with the pulsating power of life. This thread grows continuously and, through new, intelligent shoots it will meet and conquer the world”  - Mattias Gordon at Hello Films: www.gordon.se 

February 2010
CloudBox Presenter was released

Wallen Media AB used this tool for the first time, to transmit a meeting of Landskrona's Town Council.

Örjan: - “I have not used such a simple and powerful tool before. Simple hand operation is very important in stressful production situations. Flash format meant that the Council was reaching many of the citizens. It feels good to offer the latest technology to my customers. Really easy.”

Using Ubuntu Linux, the Carson McDonald segmenter and open source software, ungap was able to realize Live iPhone streaming only weeks after the official protocol and iPhone update was released by Apple.

Read more about Carson McDonald's work at http://www.ioncannon.net 

Anders has been in business since 1993 and works on technical development in broadcasting and media.

"My career"
Anders: "I began my career at Swedish Radio in 1993 after having studied Electrical Engineering at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology for six years. It was a degree project to evaluate a new DSP (digital signal processor) and to build a test bed for digital signals. As digital radio (DAB) was developed Swedish Radio's expertise in this area expanded. Meanwhile, at Swedish Radio, I was involved in many projects, including the now retired sound sharing system Tage, that was one of the most successful. I received a prize for it at the Comdex 1999 computer trade fair in Chicago. Being so close to Bill Gates was thrilling. After Swedish Radio, I worked briefly at a company that developed computer systems for radio broadcasting. There was great confidence in multi-channel publishing at that time.

Watch the YouTube-film from that period. This was at the height of the dot-com era!

It was during this period that ideas around simple, smart tools for web TV began to take shape, ideas that came in handy when I started my own business. In addition, we were ahead and transmitted web TV from BCC's premises - already in 1999!

After my time at BCC, I started my own company. I developed StreamSync in collaboration with Yra AB and Qbrick AB. Around this time we had our first child and so I worked from home a lot. I loved it.

Two friends, Clas and Anders, and I started BigFun. We had ideas for interactive radio. We worked hard on technology and marketing. Swedish Radio and Radio Denmark showed interest but the timing was not right so we put our ideas on the shelf. Maybe it is time to take them down again? www.bigfun.

We were on vacation on Elba in Italy in 2004 when the phone rang and the CTO of PopCatcher wondered if I would like to work with them. I accepted and for four years I had totally new experiences in product development, entrepreneurship and how to work with Chinese manufacturers: www.popcatcher.com

Much of the experience from PopCatcher-time I took with me when I started started my own company again, in October 2009, under the name ungap. Now I focus on products and marketing with the goal of making a considerable impact in the industry!